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Our team of professionals provides engaging, high-energy keynotes, training, and coaching for your company or institution to improve team communication, motivation, and overall productivity!

Meet Geoff McLachlan

Geoff McLachlan sincerely loves bringing people together for a common goal. His masterful storytelling and ability to connect with an audience of all ages make him the perfect fit for any group or organization. He is a Professional at Play.

Mr. McLachlan considers himself grateful to have been provided the opportunities to work for and help people strive to become their best version.

This man's determination and ability to motivate, educate, and improve the climate of teams and classrooms has enlightened over 50,000 students, teachers, and professionals across North America. 

Here at Professionals at Play, our mission collectively is to bring unity and fun to your organizational culture.

Let our acclaimed professionals take over playtime for your organization. We promise. It'll be a lot of fun.

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Your Team of Professionals

We look forward to our opportunity to work with your organization.

Eric Moody

Eric Moody is a full-time youth pastor, as well as a certified John Maxwell speaker, coach, and trainer.

While spending the early part of his twenties owning and running construction companies, Eric grew a heart for business owners’ success.

Eric has specialties in leadership and self-belief concepts and skills. He also works with Idaho Drug Free Youth and spends his time working with students in schools across the country helping students succeed and value each other. Follow Eric Moody on his social Eric Moody @moodyleader on Instagram

Kyle Willkom

Kyle Willkom has been speaking professionally for the past nine years, and his messages have reached hundreds of thousands of people in 47 states.

Mr. Willkom delivers messages on positivity, leadership, and action through his use of musical comedy and engaging personal stories. Kyle is often known as the founder of Action Packed Leadership and the author of two books on leadership, Wake Up Call, and The Thinking Dilemma.

Throughout his life, Kyle has run over six marathons on three different continents, been the first employee of a million-dollar marketing startup, and led service trips to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Previously, Kyle trained in the military for a year and was a division one basketball walk-on at Marquette University.

Through his out-of-the-ordinary life experiences, Kyle encourages others to use his successes and failures to live their own action-packed lives.

Gabe Murfitt

Gabe Murfitt is an inspiring speaker who challenges his audiences to live life with courage in the face of life's greatest adversities.

Born with three-inch arms and standing a little over three-feet tall, Gabe lives out his message, courageously sharing his experiences and reaching deep into the hearts of those who hear him speak. He believes people need to know that they can REACH their goals.

Everyone can become a great leader when they see what it takes to succeed. Through his motivational presentations, Gabe covers the importance of having respect, endurance, a positive attitude, courage, and hope! Gabe has reached students throughout the US. You may have seen Gabe featured on shows such as Good Morning America and The Oprah Show.

Shandy Longcore

Embracing Imperfections is a 501(c3) non-profit that is passionate about you finding and acting on your purpose, your why. We want to draw attention to mental health and ultimately we want to eradicate suicide. You can find Shandy, the Founder and President, speaking at local schools and companies sharing her suicide attempt survival story and how she is a living example of the semicolon movement. She wants to invite you to listen, learn and act on her discovery of how beautiful life can be, even when it’s imperfect.

What does it mean to embrace your imperfections? Well, it starts with realizing that you are, indeed, imperfect. And so are all your friends. Your parents. Your teachers. Your pastor and coach and the people you have lunch with and see in theaters and sit with in a stadium that can hold tens of thousands. All of us.

By embracing those imperfections, we are acknowledging that we’re all works in progress. Making that admission allows us to move forward, living lives by focusing on the gifts we have to share with the world. The little things and the big things. But in doing so, we have to stop comparing ourselves – and our gifts – with others’ contributions to the planet. Our culture can make this difficult, especially if we allow ourselves to be caught up in envying others – who they hang with, what they have, how they dress and how they look. The wisest people on the planet agree on one thing: Your life will be measured by what you gave, and the character you showed in the face of adversity. But wisdom shouldn’t be the sole property of older people.

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