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Work should be fun.

Play Day

Invite Geoff into your office, board room, or staff lounge. A skilled facilitator and team-building expert, Geoff will move your audience through activities and thought-provoking questions that will unite your people and brilliantly transform the vibe and culture of your workspace.

Length of workshop:  3-6 Hours, depending on your goals

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Geoff’s has spoken to over 50,000 adults and youth across America. His remarkable ability to tell great stories combined with his sincerity for helping people inspires his audience to examine the way they view themselves and their influence on others. Using real life stories and humor, Geoff demonstrates how every person has the ability to make a difference.

Length of Keynote:  1 Hour

Call 509.869.4506 for pricing and to schedule a keynote.

Combo Pack

Want to get max results from your time with Geoff? Select any number of the following options to increase the impact of your event or Customize your own Training Program with Geoff’s assistance. Add a keynote to your Play Day or create a custom team-building training, using Geoff’s expertise to create a day unique to your needs.

Length of workshop: Customizable

Call 509.869.4506 for pricing and to customize your training with Geoff.