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3 Key Business Speaking Formats

Explore the possibility of having a fun day at work! It sounds like a foreign concept, right? Well it's not! We offer our Business Speakings in 3 key formats to best capture the attention of your preferred audience.
PATP Business Conference


No one wants to sit through a boring conference. Our speakers are engaging, have a myriad of topics, and genuinely want your conference to be the best.

Not only can we provide an entertaining, educational and interactive keynote, but all of our presenters can take it to the next level with an additional training for your audience.

From communication to employee engagement to play, our speakers have got you covered!
Business Trainings Conferences


Let Professionals at Play engage your team with their highly energetic and effective trainings.

We offer on site and off site for your convenience.

We can work with small leadership teams in strategic planning to large groups working on employee engagement.
Our goal is your success!
PATP Business Keynote


The difference between a good speaker and a great speaker is 1000 speeches.
Geoff has over 1000 speaking engagements and over 6000 hours of stage time.
Let Professionals at Play WOW your group. From large to small we love them all! 

Contact us for a list of topics we can address.

Discover Available Programs

Explore the possibility of having a fun day at work! It sounds like a foreign concept, right? Well it's not! We offer our Business Speakings in 3 key formats to best capture the attention of your preferred audience.

Human Resources

  • Length in Time: 1-3 hours
  • Available Presenters:
    • Geoff McLachlan
Geoff believes that any team can find success if you give them the right tools. He believes that a company’s greatest asset is its employees. 

HR professionals are at the forefront of putting together talented people to do incredible tasks. From production to IT to management, you are responsible for getting the right people to get the job done!

Let Geoff come and work with your team on helping find the right people for the job and how to communicate with them effectively. In addition, Geoff specializes in using play to engage people in ways they have not experienced before.

Let your team experience the joy and laughter that Professionals at Play brings to every engagement.
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Real Estate

  • Length in Time: 1-3hrs
  • Available Presenters:
    • Geoff McLachlan
    • Eric Moody
  • Program Formats Available:
    • Full-Day Off-Site Keynote Training
Help bring the creativity and brilliance out of your Real Estate groups by hiring Geoff to speak at your next meeting or event.

When it comes to real estate, communicating effectively with other people is the most important part of the job. Geoff understands that, and that’s why he’s developed a way of engaging with Real Estate Groups that is different than any other professional group.

Geoff is a skilled facilitator and team-building expert who has spoken to and engaged almost 1,000,000 people across America. When you invite Geoff into your Real Estate Group meeting, he will move your audience through activities and thought to provoke questions that will keep your audience’s attention.

His exciting energy, humor, and enthusiasm will light up your workspace and help bring the best out of each of your Real Estate Professionals. Geoff can and will make connections with everyone regardless of age, background, or experience level, something that comes from years upon years of experience as a nationally recognized public and motivational speaker.

Watch as the vibe and culture of your workspace is transformed before your eyes, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t bring Geoff into your workspace sooner.

Geoff is gifted when it comes to working with people to help them become the best versions of themselves through masterful storytelling and the ability to connect with each person on an individual level.

The lessons taught by his team-building exercises are sure to help your audience strive to better their communication skills both, individually and together as a team.
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Small Business

  • Length in Time: 1-3hrs
  • Available Presenters:
    • Geoff McLachlan
  • Program Formats Available:
    • Keynote
    • Training
Geoff Mclachlan is a nationally recognized speaker and facilitator with a sincere passion for bringing people together towards a common goal.

When it comes to owning franchises or independent small businesses, it is understood that the goal is to maximize profits while maintaining an excellent relationship with your employees, vendors, and clients.

The best way of building and retaining a healthy and thriving relationship is through communication, something that Geoff and his team are all well versed in.

Through masterful storytelling and the ability to connect with each individual audience member regardless of age or background, Professionals at Play will bring exciting engagement to your next Franchise/Business Owner meeting.

Professionals at Play encourages each individual to become the very best version of themselves through motivation, education, and team-building exercises.

Our facilitators and speakers have spoken to millions of people across North America. When it comes to speaking, practice truly makes perfect, and our speakers have learned from mistakes and setbacks that have transformed their speeches into what they are today.

Through trial and error, each program has been carefully constructed to bring the very best out of each audience. The best thing about Geoff’s talks is that they will engage each individual to improve themselves on an individual and team level.

Geoff believes that work should be fun, and this is especially true for Franchise Owners. Through engaging activities and thought-provoking questions, you’ll feel your team united and brilliantly transformed through this highly entertaining and effective training.

With his real-life stories, humor, and interactions, you’ll feel inspired to examine the way you view yourself and your team and your influence on others.

Help unite and transform your Franchise Owners by inviting Geoff to your next meeting or event. His lessons and encouragement are sure to leave a lasting impression on everybody in attendance.
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