Small Business Engagements

Small Business Conferences

Geoff Mclachlin is a nationally recognized speaker and facilitator with a sincere passion for bringing people together towards a common goal. When it comes to owning franchises, it is understood that the goal is to maximize profits while maintaining an excellent relationship with your employees, vendors, and clients. The best way of building and retaining a healthy and thriving relationship is through communication, something that Geoff is no stranger to. Through masterful storytelling and the ability to connect with each individual audience member regardless of age or background, Geoff will bring exciting engagement to your next Franchise Owner meeting.
Geoff encourages each individual to become the very best version of themselves through motivation, education, and team building exercises. He is a certified teacher having worked with over 500,000 students, and a motivational speaker who has engaged with over 50,000 people across the United States. When it comes to speaking, practice truly makes perfect, and Geoff has learned from mistakes and setbacks that have transformed his speeches into what they are today. Through trial and error, each speech has been carefully constructed to bring the very best out of each audience. The best thing about Geoff’s talks is that they will engage each individual to improve themselves on an individual and team level.
Geoff believes that work should be fun, and this is especially true for Franchise Owners. Through fun activities and thought provoking questions, you’ll feel your team united and brilliantly transformed through insightful storytelling and engagement. With his real life stories, humor, and interactions, you’ll feel inspired to examine the way you view yourself and your team and your influence on others. Help unite and transform your Franchise Owners by inviting Geoff to your next meeting or event. His lessons and encouragement are sure to leave a lasting impression on everybody in attendance.