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01. Medical Conferences

Invite excitement and positive energy to your next medical conference by hiring Geoff and your group will also gain the motivation that they need to succeed both as individuals and together as a team. We all know that medical conferences can be disengaging, and that’s where he will step in – the perfect way to break up your meeting in an insightful and fun way.

02. Real Estate

If you’re looking to bring the most creative energy out of your real estate professionals, consider hiring Geoff to to speak at your next meeting or event. When it comes to real estate, communicating effectively with other people is the most important part of the job, and that’s why he’s developed a way of engaging with Real Estate Groups that is specialized just for this complex industry.

03. Small Business

There’s no doubt that active and healthy communication will improve your relationships, both on a personal and professional level, and Geoff is no stranger to the art of building communication skills like these. Through thought-provoking questions and connections with each individual audience member regardless of age or background, Geoff will bring exciting engagement to your next Franchise Owner meeting.